OurLives: Modern, Sustainable, Affordable Living

About OurLives

OurLives is a place for individuals of all ages, working professionals, 55+ retirees, veterans and millennials who want to live, work and play in a collaborative, eco-friendly coastal community.

Individual neighborhoods feature amenities and activities catered to residents’ unique needs along with flexible leases for independent, co-living, and co-working residents.

Mobile workers find collaborative, fully outfitted living and workspaces, all while enjoying Florida’s beautiful vacation lifestyle and recharging in their free time.

All properties will be solar-powered and Zero Energy certified.

Our Mission

We cultivate the passionate spirit of individuals who are ready to be inspired through their surroundings, We have an opportunity and a responsibility to improve our world with the way we live and the way we interact with nature and our community.

We believe in the power that a home has to inspire.

Modern Living

OurLives promotes a low cost of living, to enable people to work, live, and play free of excessive housing cost. Modern living is embodied by promoting personal & social comfort, environmental sustainability, and financial affordability.

Comfortable Living

The built environment surrounds us and permeates every aspect of our lives; accordingly, the environment around us must act dynamically to respond to the context of each unique individual, while maintaining identity within a broader neighborhood. OurLives provides a community tailored to each and every resident, nourishing an active social sense of community while maintaining flexibility.

Diverse shared living spaces within urban contexts. OurLives communities are intergenerational – allowing for everyone to bring something different to the table. Residents with different backgrounds enrich each other and complement each other nicely within shared spaces, that allow folks the privacy of their own home while having consistent access to a textured and storied social community.

Housing options. OurLives provides different types of housing based on individual needs. Whether you’re alone, retired, raising children, living with unrelated roommates, OurLives provides housing to fit anyone’s wants and needs. Residents may also freely switch to other housing units if their life circumstances change or even if they are just looking for a breath of fresh air.

Quality public spaces and services. OurLives understands that home extends beyond the front door. Gathering spaces for parties, hanging out, and enjoying dinners are available. Community gardens, gyms, groceries, childcare, and transportation all make up the fundamentals of a living, breathing vibrant neighborhood.

The Internet of Things and digital access. With the world becoming increasingly networked and interconnected, OurLives harnesses this power for your convenience and enrichment. A digital presence allows you to make the most of your living experience.

Sustainable Living

Being environmentally conscious can often be difficult because the infrastructure around us works against the environment, rather than with it. OurLives reworks how we relate to the environment through these simple solutions to reduce our footprint while enhancing community life.

Natural resource inputs. Rainwater collection, renewable energy, community gardens, individual composting, recycling.

The sharing economy. By maintaining common tools and supplies that each home needs to have accessible, but is rarely required on a daily basis, OurLives reduces individual upkeep costs while minimizing redundancies.

Construction materials and designs. Choices are available to holistically reduce the environmental impact both of construction and maintenance.

Easily replaceable home components. Every aspect of the home can be easily substituted and recycled; this allows for easy repairs and flexibility for individual expression in design and decoration of the home.

Affordable Living

Effective home buyers, renters, and urban planners understand that housing decisions must be long-term and must build value in order to truly be affordable. These are some of our unique approaches to build value.

Economies of scale. Mass manufacturing and prefabrication techniques to assembled standardized components will keep costs low. Having the bargaining power of an entire community will also enable discounts on food, entertainment, transport, and other regular expenses.

Community buy-in. Seeking partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and governments can create unique incentive structures to attract investment and reduce costs.

Neighborhood decision-making involving all stakeholders. Having community say in home construction will keep local partners honest and will ensure ethical development.

All-included rent. Having a flat monthly rate for rent, utilities, maintenance, and public spaces allows you to reliably plan around future expenses without unpredictable fluctuations.

Growing Demand for Housing Solutions

Cities around the globe are being stressed by population (whether it be overpopulation or depopulation), a growing aging-in-place population, the climate crisis, water scarcity, rising commodity prices, economic inequality, and a rising cost of living. Despite being surrounded by people, residents are growing increasingly alienated and isolated from their communities and traditional social connections. As our cities continue to grow, these complex issues must be addressed or the millions who move to the cities risk exacerbating the strain in the cities, while merely joining the population of people without access to quality affordable living.

However, these challenges provide a unique opportunity to think creatively and develop innovative solutions which create fresh spaces for city dwellers to thrive. OurLives has a vision for moving forward, developed from extensive research and community input. Despite the scope of the problems we face, OurLives recognizes that the people around us are not liabilities but are our greatest asset in tackling the problems of today to create a better tomorrow.

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